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Creating the Right Obituary                 The How and Why

When someone has passed, it is usually customary to write and publish an obituary for the deceased. Obituaries are usually published in newspapers to let the community know of the passing and it is usually comprised of a picture, the birth and death date, a section of accomplishments, and the deceased survivors.


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Writing obituaries is not difficult. Other obituaries can be viewed and modeled after. The main focus of the obituary title is the name of the deceased and the birth and death date. Many people look at obituaries to see how long somebody lived and sometimes how they died. 

Within obituaries, the survivors of the deceased are listed. This is usually the wife or husband, children, brothers, sisters, and parents. Sometimes the extended family is listed but in most obituaries it is just the immediate family. The choice to who shall be included is usually made by closest family member.



The obituary usually includes a picture of the deceased and most obituaries will allow you to submit in color. The picture can be a recent picture or it can be a picture that shows the person in the prime of their life. It is up to the submitter. 

Obituaries usually also give a brief history of the persons life. In the obituary a short history of what the person had done in their life alongside a listing of their accomplishments should be included. Even if it a simple listings of the jobs they held could suffice.


The obituary should be classy and very respectful to the deceased. Though some people might put a humorous anecdote about the person's life, it is best to stick to the facts and let what is written stir memories and images to the reader. Sometimes the anecdotes might bring back bad memories. 

Make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct in the writing. It may be considered an act of disrespect if a sloppy, unedited piece is printed. You may want to have a friend or family member proof read the work before it is submitted for publishing. One mistake could alter the appearance of the writing. 

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